Web Design and Development

Basic & Simple Websites

$900 to $2.5K.

This is probably where you’ll end up if you need to get your business online with a simple informational site. Most simple websites don’t need much or any programming. We just want to make sure that you look your best with a custom website solution that is made by professionals.

Content Management Solutions

$2.5K to $15K. 

Most businesses end up in this price range. CMS solutions include WordPress/Drupal/Magento websites that require development, maintenance, theme creation, troubleshooting, speed optimization, etc. This price range is often for mid-sized, content-based websites that need content management tools and other light programming (such as scheduling tools, photo galleries, e-commerce, etc.).

Large Websites with Customized Programming

$15K to $40k.

Most websites that need a lot of custom programming end up in this price range. Businesses where the website is the business itself are rare (because it offers a product, service, subscription, or some type of membership). Typically these projects have hundreds of interior pages.

Enterprise Status with Heavy Programming

$25K to $300K+ 

Our enterprise-level solutions include a lot of business consulting, opportunities for partnerships, project management, and a well-thought-out marketing plan.