Full SEO Audit and Consult

My in-depth, highly detailed Technical SEO Website Audit will allow you to get a definitive ‘To-Do’ list of how to improve your site’s authority, rankings, and increase conversions.

I analyze your website and remove all the guess work from enhancing and completing your online marketing strategy.

For such a detailed audit, it can take anywhere from 10-15 hours (a minimum of 8 hours) to complete each audit. Since there is no one-size fits all solution that fits every websites needs, I need to dig into each website in order to see what unique problems are holding it back. The methods and techniques I use depend on the problems at hand.

On-Site Analysis: Examines each page and how well it is optimized for search. We also look at how Google is interpreting your pages and if there a discrepancy between your conversion goals and the traffic you are getting (ie. you are getting 10k hits per month but selling nothing due to ranking for a highly searched, but unrelated keyword to your business).

Mobile Users Experience: Are you “mobile first”?

Full Site Crawl & Visual Sitemap: This looks for critical technical issues with your Site Structure and navigation. A detailed site crawl that covers technical, canonical, server, and on-page indexing issues is done. I also create a visual crawl map that shows you exactly how your site’s structure is laid out to easily identify any issues that would otherwise be impossible to see. This includes abandoned pages and broken URL branches that are stopping Google from discovering that some of your page even exists.

Keyword Analysis: Analyze the keywords that Google is currently ranking your webpages for as well as what searches users are using to find your pages. What are your top ranking pages and the queries that Google is pushing traffic to your site based on? Are they in the right context for conversions?

Content: The overall quality of a website and the content it provides plays a very big part in how well you rank above your competition.

I review and identify duplicated, plagiarized, cross-domain and low-quality content issues and show you which of your pages are performing well (and why).

Site Speed: Critical site speed issues affect your search engine rankings and kill conversions. As a top-ranking factor, site speed is incredibly important metric to focus on.

I’ll put your website through a variety of tools to be graded on both desktop and mobile speed. You get a comprehensive report showing you exactly what resources are slowing your site down and why, and how we can fix it.

Detailed Technical Audit: You’ll get a full detailed report of all of these findings.

Phone Consultation with a SEO Technical Expert: We jump on a call and walk through each point on the detailed report you’ll be given 24hrs prior to the consultation.

Detailed Strategy Recommendations: I provide and discuss the methodologies I would use to position your site at the top of Google for your specific search phrases based on your Technical Website Audit Report. This does not include any black hat recommendations or techniques unless specifically requested.

More questions?: I answer, in detail, any and all SEO questions relating to your site and what is required for it to rank well online.

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