Ymail is an optional domain name for Yahoo email accounts. On signing up to Yahoo email services, users can select between a
‘yahoo.com’ suffix or ‘ymail.com’ email suffix.

The domain Ymail was launched 11 years after Yahoo email was launched. The ymail.com domain was launched alongside rocketmail.com,
together with the two domains released to entice new users to the email service.

Both domains that were new were designed to appeal to users’ need of finding the email address for them, a fact made due to the
popularity of Yahoo email services.

Boasting hundreds of millions of email users, many were having to add number sequences or create complex mails because of the
addresses being taken. The addition of email wanted to create addresses available to existing and new customer.

Yahoo Mail itself is an email service provided by Yahoo. While company email plans are available Offered in 27 languages, the
service is free for personal use.

The free version of the service storage of up to 1TB, with an email attachment limit of 25MB.

Taking the accolade in the world of the largest web-based email services as one, with 281 million users reported in 2011, one
incident which came to light in 2016 would create waves.

On December 14th 2016, Yahoo disclosed that more than 1 billion consumer accounts were hacked in a violation that was mega. The
breach, which hit in 2013, followed an earlier disclosure by the business of another hack although this was’smaller’ with 500
million user accounts breached.

News of the data breaches hit on company stock and reputation, with an impending takeover with Verizon. The company is said to
have known before their initial disclosure about the breach.