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Can Backlinks or Linkbuilding Hurt My Ranking?

Since the beginning, the people over at the big G needed a way to determine what websites were better than others, with “better” meaning, “a user chose to look at this website instead of that website.”

They came up with a system called Page Rank, which evaluated or otherwise counted incoming links from other websites in order to determine what sites were more likely to be useful to the end user.

The idea was that, just like citations in a medical journal or other such publication, the websites that link back to other websites were essentially giving the linked-to website credibility in some way or another. Makes sense

but what if the linked-from website is just… garbage? Spam? An obvious attempt at inflating the linked-to’s quantity and diversity of its overall backlink profile?

Thats where you run into trouble.

Backlinks are one of the most heavily weighted ranking factors of any webpage. But the name of the game these days is quality over quantity. Read that again. 1 natural, excellent backlink is greater than 100 spammy backlinks.

Or is it? more on that in another post…

You can be penalized for flooding the internet with backlinks. Its an old “black hat” ranking technique known as lnikbuilding (and yes, I do offer this service! Contact me), which is the mass creation of off-site links on other websites that point back to a page you are trying to rank on your website.

This is still a very popular way to rank quickly for keywords you want to rank for but it must be done properly and carefully. Most people get it wrong. Like, really wrong – and wind up tanking their clients’ websites and rankings they have worked years to achieve.

The thing is – it is very easy to create thousands of backlinks within minutes.  If someone reaches out to you to offer their lnikbuilding services, you might want to look for a more reputable SEO agency offering lnikbuilding services (such as Architek). We experiment daily with lnikbuilding on numerous of our own websites that I test my SEO ideas and theories on. I know what works and doesn’t work, up to the minute!

So contact me today to learn more about how a fresh backlinking strategy can help your business reach new heights. As always, if I don’t think I can help you and your business grow, I’ll tell ya’ and point you in the direction of someone who can.


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