very incomplete list of my clients and projects (as of December 2019).

Dozens of projects and examples of client work are not displayed due to the competitive nature surrounding search engine optimization and PPC advertising. For a more complete portfolio, please contact me.


web design
server security and maint.
https migration
adwords + seo management
Apr. 2017 – Present


landing page design/gfx work
full site development/https migration
Aug. 2017 – Present

responsive website design serp and seo service server maintenanceresponsive redesign
https migration
continuous maintenance
Apr. 2017 – Present

RA Diabetes Logowebsite and blog redesign
continuous maintenance
May 2017 – Present

web design and hosting

web redesign/gfx work

round logo for summit live
web design/rebrand
Feb. 2017

e-commerce integration logo design server maintenance

server and web migration
logo creation/e-commerce implementation

website redesign
https migration
continuous maintenance
Sept. 2017 – Present