Hi there, my name is Evan. I am an independent, expert-level SEO consultant, developer, and business consultant located in Indianapolis, IN. I have amazing clients across the globe, including businesses of all sizes, freelancers, lawyers, surgeons, startups, tech giants, non-profit organizations, e-commerce sites, drop-shippers, bloggers, and more.

Overview of Experience and Services

What makes an expert SEO? In my opinion, the “average SEO” knows how to run an audit, apply changes to a WordPress site, can set up some basic analytics, print off or email reports with lots of numbers, and can generally sound like he or she knows a thing or two about how all this stuff works. They charge a fair price. You will lose a lot of money while trying to save some by hiring the “average SEO” person or company. 

The expert SEO is obsessed with data and has an endless desire to keep learning. Knowing how to look at analytics, or change on-page elements, or pull keyword rankings… such skills are to the expert SEO what knowing how to use a fork is to a person who eats food. They apply what they’ve learned from testing their own theories and experiments on hundreds of their own web properties.

My knowledge of SEO and its more technical aspects are what set me apart. I have consulted for sole proprietors and Fortune 500 companies alike. Intel, NASA, Vuze, Farmers… are just a few of the brands who call upon me for my knowledge and expertise in SEO.

Highly technical, result-driven Search Engine Optimization and Web Development

There is an abundance of independent consultants and marketing firms offering SEO and PPC services, web design, etc. Their process of getting clients usually starts with cold outreach, followed by a quick SEO audit with a list of problems, then a phone call, and then they send you a lengthy contract with a bunch important-looking acronyms and numbers and so on and so forth, stamped with Google Partner certification badges and other such decorations.

99% of my business has come by word of mouth. The other 1% came from a SEMRush webinar I randomly hopped into one day. I started answering all the questions in the live chat while SEMRush was presenting, and ended up getting a handful of clients from that. That was early 2017 – several of those clients are still with me today (you know who you are – thank you)!

I am really struggling with this list since I actually know, or at least have more than working knowledge of so many aspects of technical SEO and development. Listing everything would be a nightmare.

Contact me – lets talk about what I can do for you. If I cant do something, I will let you know – I dont have the time to pretend to know something I dont, only to waste my time and yours. Then we both lose.

  • Expert Search Engine Optimization.
  • HTML, PHP, CSS, C#, VB, JS, Python, and more.
  • Apache, Nginx, AWS, Linode, and more.
  • Google Adwords.
  • Google Analytics and Search Console.

Technology and Business Consulting

My mother and father opened their business in the summer of 1989, shortly after my first birthday. From day one, I was right there at their side, observing and learning the ins and outs of business. At the time of my departure in 2016, I had helped them build a multi-million dollar entity. Through my interactions with hundreds of business owners and thousands of customers during that time, doing everything from mowing the grass to closing ~$4 million dollars worth of sales, I learned a few things about doing good business.

Consulting Specialties include:

  • Marketing/Online Presence
  • E-commerce
  • Data harvesting
  • Automation
  • Custom software solutions
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Business operations/management
  • Sales and outreach automation
  • Business Operations.